Common plantain seed substitutes for flax seed

Common plantain is a mucilaginous hearty plant (slanderously called “a weed”) that has topical wound healing properties. It is edible (although not necessarily palatable). The seeds are also mucilaginous and can be ground and mixed with water to substitute as eggs, acting as a binder in recipes. Many vegan recipes or commercial egg substitute products do use other binders, such as ground flax, which are not local to here. I’m not completely sure about the nutritional profile of this plant, but do have a bias toward wild foods as being more nutritious since they are not bred for qualities such as shelf-life. The seeds are easy to harvest and widely available.



When one door closes…

The garlic plants that had looked great early in the year died off before they normally do because of hot and dry conditions here. When I dug them, they had small, hard heads about 1 inch in diameter. So I collected some scapes for seasoning this year and then left the plot alone. And it turns out to be the most wonderful lambsquarters patch. Lambsquarters are hearty (i.e., weedy) but it is one of the few greens that will grow all summer long and not get hard or bitter. So I have another sustainable vegetable for myself that I hadn’t anticipated.