Dandelion fritters…mmm

Dandelion fritters…mmm

I haven’t this yet (because dandelions where I live would probably come with nice dressing off dog pee) but this sounds great to try in the future.




Jason’s swales

Wikipedia: Swales as used in permaculture are designed to slow and capture runoff by spreading it horizontally across the landscape (along an elevation contour line), facilitating runoff infiltration into the soil. This type of swale is created by digging a ditch on contour and piling the dirt on the downhill side of the ditch to create a berm.
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Leaving soon…

I haven’t changed my mind but leaving my house will be difficult. I think I will miss my plants, especially because they are just starting to establish themselves. It would be nice if there was a home buyer that would appreciate them.Sage in bloom

Front of Hollywood house

Compost bins Hollywood house

Strawberries Hollywood house

Blackberries Hollywood house

Rock wall Hollywood house

Raspberries Hollywood house

Rain barrels Hollywood house

Lavender Hollywood house

Arugula Hollywood house

Butterfly bush Hollywood house