Final pawpaw harvest

Jason got a ton of pawpaws the other day from an area where we had found a grove.  He took most of the ones there, so we think that we are done for this season.  Last night we spent hours processing most of them to freeze before they got too ripe and in order to help cut down the fruit fly population.


It’s probably an exaggeration to say that we have 5 gallons of pawpaw pulp.  But we are probably close.


Adventure of the Pawpaws

Today Jason and I went looking for pawpaws, which we had seen by the side of the road nearby.  I have never eaten one but they are supposed to be kind of like bananas.  We stopped at a place that there was a grove in the understory of the trees.  There were pretty yellow flowers and then we started to stomp around deeper in the tree grove.

Pawpaw grove flowers 2 Pawpaw grove flowers 1

Unfortunately, I wore long shorts and pulled my sox up and came out with a layer of stinging nettle attached to me.  I should have taken a picture of my sox but here is the stinging nettle.

Stinging nettle

We did get some pawpaws.  They are a little green but fell from the tree so are close to being ready to eat. 

Pawpaws 1

Again, unfortunately, I was taking this picture and got attacked by a wasp because I was close to its nest.  It is my first sting ever.  I had not realized how painful wasp stings are but it has subsided quickly.  However, this day was a blow to my self-image.  I don’t ever consider myself outdoorsy but today I felt a lot like “Willie” tagging along with Indiana Jones.




Flint Hills Wildlife Refuge

On Sunday, Jason and I went to look for potato bean plants (apios americana).   We have not been able to find it in our area so we went a little farther south and ended up at Flint Hills National Wildlife Refuge.  

There was a designated hiking trail that was pretty nice, although it had some tree branches cluttering it.

Flint Hills Refuge 9-7-14 FHR 2 FHR 3

But we also walked around some areas that looked a little wilder close to Eagle Creek.


I got lots of plant pictures for identification.

FHR plant 2 FHR plant 7 FHR thistle FHR plant 12

You can also see some type of crane in this picture.  But no apios to be found, unfortunately.

FHR with crane


Before and after rain

We got 4 inches of rain the night before last. Although Utah has had more rain this year, it still seems like a lot of rain to me here in Kansas. You can see how pretty and overcast it was the morning before the rain started.


Yesterday when it was still damp, we had wild turkeys visit.  They have blue heads and usually come in a group of 5 or 6 but are quick to get away.  There are also some fawns that like to sit under our apple trees.  If you look really closely you can see one in the tall grass.

Cropped wild turkeys 9-1-14

Cropped deer 9-1-14

And they are back again this morning, including mama deer.  We may have to scale back our expectations for how many apples we harvest 🙂

Group of deer 9-2-14