Bundling up

It is finally winter and cold but still pretty. The brown-ness of winter here reminds me of the summer in Utah actually.

Winter field 11-14-14

I promised if I posted Jason’s picture bundled that I would also post my own. We do have the wood stove working now but these were our outfits in the few days leading up to it.

Me bundled 11-14-14 Jason bundled

I am on a kick of getting equipment for our gardening/farming adventures next year. It’s a little daunting to spend money on this stuff but I hope that it will make things run more efficiently and less painfully next year. This is a scuffle hoe recommended by one of the K-State professors from a Kansas-based company called Rogue Tools.

Rogue logo Scuffle hoe head Scuffle hoe close-up

Rogue Tools recycles agricultural discs to make these products. It seems like different kinds of discing equipment are pretty common around here, so recycling them is a good idea.


I am looking forward to weed control next year with my outdoor “Swiffer.”


New tractor

We went to pick up the new tractor on Saturday but it got dark too fast to get drive it home all the way so we left it and then picked it up early Sunday morning. You can see it is a handsome thing parked in this field (which also gives it the illusion that it has planted where it is parked). The neighbors and Jason looked at it last night and it seems to be in pretty good shape for the price and age.

New tractor close-up 11-9-14 New tractor 11-9-14

It is supposed to be in the 70’s here today but cold tonight and then after that. We are trying to get everything ready for the cold weather. These are the pictures of the last of autumn while we are driving the tractor home.

Last days of fall 11-9-14 Last days of fall 11-9-14a Last days of fall 11-9-14b Last days of fall 11-9-14c

Fried green tomatoes and a graduation

We had a hard freeze last Friday with lows in the 20’s. We did not have tons of green tomatoes so I will not be putting them up (i.e., green tomato relish) but we had some regular fried green tomatoes dipped in flour and then Jason invented sourdough fried green tomatoes that we broiled in the oven. Mmmm.

fried green sourdough tomatoes

Yesterday I also finished my classes for Lyon County Master Gardener training. We are not officially Master Gardeners until we finish our required volunteer hours for this year but they were nice enough to give us our diplomas anyway. I’m looking forward to learning more¬†horticulture and agriculture stuff¬†in the future.

Lyon County MG certificate

Wild persimmons

We were headed to another auction last Saturday and suddenly saw these persimmon trees at the roadside. The fruit is relatively large for persimmons, about silver dollar size, but not as large as the Fuyu Persimmons that are grown for commercial sales. The fruit was sweet but a little gummy. Jason said it was because they weren’t ripe yet. Even if we can’t eat them right now we are keeping the seeds to plant. It would be nice to have another kind of fruit in the fall. The trees were pretty anyway.

Persimmon 2 Persimmon 1

I have been enjoying seeing cardinals here in Kansas. I don’t remember ever seeing a cardinal in Utah. They look unreal to me because of their color but seem to be common here and are often close to the house. I wasn’t able to get a good picture of his face.

Cardinal 1 Cardinal 2 Cardinal 3