Spring in Kansas

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A beautiful day

Jason and I planted some trees and tree seeds yesterday. The weather will be in the 70’s in a few days so we wanted to get started even though I think it is likely there will be a cold snap before summer. It was pretty though.

spring near pond spring pic 1 spring pic 2 spring possum

The ponds

A friend had asked if we had a duck pond. We don’t strictly have one for the ducks but we do have a couple small ponds. The largest one, the Big Pond, is the most aesthetically pleasing to me. Jason stocked it with different kinds of fish and it has tall grasses growing in it. We recently found that the possum is making is home here where he has taken over an old beaver den. You can see his little white face in the bottom picture.

big pond 2 big pond 1 Possum at pond 1

The second-closest pond to the house is the Near Pond. This is the one that Jason used last year for some irrigation. There is a small rowboat and a paddle boat at the edge. Jason thought about taking me out on the boat last summer but I was still struggling with the idea of having ticks and couldn’t yet tolerate the idea of having leeches. Not to say for sure that there are some in the pond, but I wasn’t up to the possibility. Maybe this year. Silly girl.

near pond 1

This is a small pocket pond that Jason built this year as just a water catchment. I think that the plan is that it might be used for irrigating the gooseberries and blackberries if we should have some drought this year.

pocket pond 1

Finally, this is the Far Pond. There are willows that are spreading on one edge. Jason has an area built for a boat to be undercover at one end of the pond for when he used to duck hunt. I didn’t explore but wonder if some other creatures will take it over now.

far pond 1