Fermented pickles

As I mentioned previously, we have a lot of cucumbers–both slicing and pickling kinds. We have been doing a fair amount of cucumber pickles, sweet ones but also fermented sour dills. I like the fermented dills better than vinegar dill pickles. Although this is not the recipe that we used, here’s a link to instructions. We cleaned out the seed/mycelium fridge for extra storage space. You can see the prior radish/turnip fermented to the left of these pickles.

DSCF1514 DSCF1515

We also did some red sauerkraut. I like it, but a little goes a long way.



Warm season veggies

We planted a lot of cucumbers and squash this year. We have been especially impressed with the “White Wonder” cucumbers as they have been prolific. To the point that we’ve had a hard time keeping up with eating them. They had been picked the day before and this is still what I got yesterday.


The okra and yard long beans are just starting to come into their own. There are some green yard long beans behind these okra.


These are purple yard long beans called “red noodle.”


They all fry up really nice.